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This Post is Directed for Authors getting ready to Publish.

If you are an Author. You have typed many hours and now your book is done. Well, not quite, you may need a Book Cover or some illustrations first. Have a good talk with your editor / publisher first before doing this next step. If you need any Illustrations of any kind, this post is for you. Who knows you may be close to be done or just inquiring about this post. If your not good with art or needing assistance with a Book Cover Layout. You will need a Book Cover sooner or later. In a recent writing workshop I took for writing. They told me about this website. If you want your Book Cover to look Professional and look Appealing to yourself and the customer.

People at 99 Designs have hundreds of Illustrators / Professional Designers. They don’t get paid until you like their design. All packages come with a 100% money-back guarantee and full copyright ownership of the final design. The more detailed your description is, the more detailed the image will be. With that said sometimes less is more but that is up to the author. Everything thing is copyrighted to the buyer. If you really like their work you can even hire them for your next 3 books lets say for an example. Staying in touch with the Illustrator that you picked will build friendship and loyalty both ways. They may be willing to work under your terms. You do not have to worry about royalties because you paid for the image. If you want to make t-shirts or products other than what was ordered please refer to the conditions or talk to the Illustrators limitations.Who knows there may be nothing but giving them recognition. To an artist or graphic designer word of mouth means the world to them. It feeds their families and more you give out their name more they will help you out in the end. So it pays to advertise for your Illustrator any way possible.

Cover your ass and understand what your are getting yourself into, when hiring someone. I do not know much about hiring the Illustrator for using your paid design for other purposes. I can draw very well and do my own Book Designs. I will be using 99 Designs for some of my books just because I cannot draw certain things and will ask the same questions for the Book Series. At 99 Designs, they do more then just Book Cover Designs. Don’t let the Pricing fool you. Depending on how detailed your information is better the design will be.

Take a look at the information below and click the banner or Click Me link to support me! Thanks Tyler

What does 99 Designs Offer for Authors

  • Book Illustrations or Graphics
  • Product Packaging
  • Book Cover Design
  • & More

Pricing (Want to know more Information) Click Me!

  • $299 – Expect 30 designs
  • $499 – Expect 60 designs
  • $799 – Expect 90 designs
  • $1,199 – Expect 60 premium designs

All packages come with a 100% money-back guarantee and full copyright ownership of the final design.

Book News – Sept / Oct. 2014

October 31st 2014

  • I’ll add more once I Develop / Publish some books.
  • I think 3 books will take me a long time to write.

September 30th 2014

  • Added the ‘Book Main Page’
  • Added an Internal Link ‘The Ten Commandments’
  • Added the ‘Under Development’ Page
  • Added the ‘Future Ideas’ Page
  • Added ‘My Books’ Page
  • Added the ‘God’s Hero’ Page
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  • Added the ‘Dragons’ Page

Photography News – Oct. 2014

October 31st 2014

  • Fixed the Nature & Landscape Page
  • Fixed the Animals & Wildlife Page
  • Fixed the Floral & Food Page
  • Fixed the Vehicles & Transportation Page
  • Added 36 Nature / Landscape Images
  • Added 117 Animals / Wildlife Images
  • Added 3 Floral / Food Images
  • Added 6 Vehicles / Transportation Images

Photography News – Sept. 2014

September 30th 2014

  • Added my Main Page
  • Added my Fun Facts Page
  • Added my Gallery Page
  • Added a Testimonial Page
  • Added a Nature & Landscape Page
  • Added a Animals & Wildlife Page
  • Added a Floral & Food Page
  • Added a Vehicles & Transportation Page

Website Updates – Oct. 2014

October 31st 2014

  • Added a ‘Sponsors’ Page
  • Added Hand-Crafted 50 of 2,000 Motivational Quotes
  • Added ‘Learn about Pearls’ an Educational Page
  • Added my ‘Photography Pricing’ Page
  • Added a ‘Sponsors’ Page
  • Added the ‘Become a Sponsor’ Page
  • Added Hand-Crafted 50 of 2,000 Motivational Quotes
  • Added ‘Learn about Pearls’ an Educational Page
  • Added my ‘Photography Pricing’ Page

Website Updates – Sept. 2014

September 30th 2014

  • Made Website Layout (White Basic Theme)
  • Changed Scripting Around (So it Loads Faster!)
  • Added the ‘Site Down’ Page (Only Used if Down)
  • Added the Archives into the ‘What’s New’ Page
  • Added the My Motto’ Page
  • Added the ‘Temporary Links’ Page
  • Added the ‘Contact Me’ Page
  • Added an Image to my ‘Contact Me’ Page
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  • Added an Image to my ‘About Me’ Page

Website Updates – Aug. 2014

August 31st 2014

  • Added the Index Page / Home Page
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  • Made ‘Chamberlin Services’ Banner
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  • I Unpublished Site. Under Coding / Scripting Construction!

My Motto ‘Pearl’

Motto - Pearl Logo
Motto – Pearl Logo

Why is the motto ‘Pearl’ so Important to my Book?

I wanted to create a word to describe ‘Great Customer Service’, ‘Professionalism’. I wanted a word that ‘Loops Itself’ for both myself and the customer. At first, it sounded too easy, so I thought. I gave it some thought and came across the word ‘Pearl’; I paused and the first thing that entered my head was that a pearl was like a form of art. I did some research about how pearls were made. I came to a conclusion that it was perfect for both my book and photography.

 I truly believe that a pearl will change my life and the customers life forever.

Pearl (Broken Down)

P – Presentation, Is there any flaws or do I need to redo something? Would I read my own books in my case?
E – Educated, Am I educated enough to answer my own questions or of the customers, if one arises?
A – Appearance, How do I look when I approach someone. Am I dressed based on the situation?
R – Ready, Am I Ready to plant my ‘PEA’ to the world.
L – Listen, Biggest part of Communication is to Listen, ‘Listen to the Customer’. Hence the word ‘EAR’ in PEARL.

‘LOOP’ Words

PEA Can I plant it, improve it, make it better?
PEAR – Can I produce it or show it?
EAR – Did I truly listen to the customer?
EARL – Could be a customer’s name, be creative?

  • Quick Fact: In the Bible verse (Revelations 21: 21)

Even Pearls were mentioned to describe Heaven. Cool!

“And the twelve gates are twelve pearls, each of the gates is a single pearl, and the street of the city is pure gold, transparent as glass.”

Feel free to use this motto I created. Please give me credit by referencing my name.

Thanks! Tyler Chamberlin

Created my First Book’s Image

God's Hero - The Chosen One
God’s Hero – The Chosen One

God’s Hero – The Chosen One

Is the First book of 10. I will release the book series one by one once Book 8 is done.

It is of a shield with 2 swords.

Please do not copy. I have placed Copyright images on it so people will know it belongs to me.

I will do all, to most of my Illustrations. If not my image, it will be properly marked and tagged. Along with their website and contact information. Based on agreement terms.

Please do not steal any image, for they belong to Tyler Chamberlin.

Concerning Divorce

Concerning Divorce (According to Matthew 5: 31)

– See Matthew 5: 27-30, Matthew 19: 1-12, Mark 10: 1-12, Luke 16: 18 also

It was also said ‘ whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce.’ But I say to you that anyone who divorces his wife, except on the ground of unchastity, causes her to commit adultery; and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

My Opinion: Why are we divorcing more when it clearly states that the only time you can divorce is on the ground of unchastity. A marriage will come with hard times and sickness. Regardless what happens you stay together. “Oh no! You got board, lets end the marriage! No, work through it and learn from your mistakes. Try something new to always create it interesting.