Photography Frosty Trees

Title of Image: Frosty Trees

Photographer: Tyler Chamberlin

Camera Type: Nikon D3000

Place Taken: Fort St. John, BC, Canada

Buy Image: Fineartamerica

Tyler Chamberlin’s Photography

Adding my photography for sale online

My website Gallery is located at:

If you have been waiting to buy something from Tyler Chamberlin, the time is coming near. Starting in January 2015. I will start uploading my images to From there I will have a store gallery that will have: prints, framed prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, greeting cards and throw pillows. I will use RedBubble, Zazzle and few others but for now I will just use Fineartamerica. So all images what ever it may be on my website will be for sale, eventually. I try my best to take as much pride in my work as I can. At this moment there are about 200 images. They should be for sale by February 2015. Each images takes a while to type details about the image and tag properly. From there you can also post comments below that image. Every comment helps, I will read and reply to each comment. Thanks once again for your support.

Tyler Chamberlin

I just want to say “Thank you for support! I could not thank you enough.”

Expect images to be watermarked and on my blog

Yes, you heard me right. I will be posting my images on my blog. This way you can look at them before going to my website. I will just link my watermarked image url to each picture separate. Each blog picture post will be unique from other photographers. I will try my best to describe my photography. Saying things like “Why I picked the title of the image” to “the way I shot the picture.” “Location” and the works. I will try my best to describe the image the best way I can.

History of my Photography:

I have tried selling my photography on my own and struggled. For I didn’t have a website nor business cards. I did not use media sites or blogs properly. With that said, I am learning how to market so word of mouth goes around better. I have always wanted to sell my photography and a website to bring customers to. So what caused me to sell photography? My grandmother who passed away wanted me to spend her inheritance wisely. At first she was rather sad and upset that I bought a camera. I never got the chance to show her that I am trying to start something with her money.

Website Picture Information

Playing with scripting to get things right up to my standards is no easy task. In time, I may change things around to make it look better. In the mean time, my links will go down temporarily, just so I can change the script around adding a click able link to Fineartamerica. Every image will be linked to a special buying page based on that picture. Just click the Fineartamerica link and it will take you directly to the page. From there you can buy to your hearts desires.

Please give feedback any way you can. I do read them all and will respond to them when I can.

Tyler Chamberlin

Website Updates December 2014

After a long month of typing and editing. I finally fixed some of my personal issues on my site because I had a difficult time going around the issues. Although the script will not affect the viability to the customer, I realized I messed up but when I tackled it; it was a headache to deal with.

I did change the website for the customer though however.

Updates in total:

  • Working on my Blog.
  • Uploaded some of Tyler’s Photography.
  • Fixed a scripting issue. (Fixing it, just on my end)
  • Added a black border to draw your eyes to the center.
  • Changed a few things around to fit the new border.
  • Alphabetized ‘Places I’ve been’ and adjusted the layout.
  • Fixed ‘Phil’s Contact’ page information more viable.
  • Updated Tyler’s ‘Gallery Page’ for the winter season.
  • Working on my book ‘Secrets of Her’.
  • Finishing my book ‘God’s Hero: The Chosen One’.
    • Will publish it at Book 8. (Very personal to me)

Website is coming along quite nicely now. Please don’t forget to give feedback, it helps improve the website for the future.

Won a Book at my Writing Group


Stephen King’s

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

I hear this is the bible for writers trying to become an author. Although it is written from Stephen King, it is not about horror but how to write properly and how he does it. Take the time and give it a read some day.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

  • Published in October 3, 2000
  • Is a memoir of the author’s experiences as a writer
  • Serves as a guide book for those who choose to enter the craft.


  • International Horror Guild Award
  • Bram Stoker Award for Best Non-Fiction


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Photography News – Sept. 2014

September 30th 2014

  • Added my Main Page
  • Added my Fun Facts Page
  • Added my Gallery Page
  • Added a Testimonial Page
  • Added a Nature & Landscape Page
  • Added a Animals & Wildlife Page
  • Added a Floral & Food Page
  • Added a Vehicles & Transportation Page

Website Updates – Sept. 2014

September 30th 2014

  • Made Website Layout (White Basic Theme)
  • Changed Scripting Around (So it Loads Faster!)
  • Added the ‘Site Down’ Page (Only Used if Down)
  • Added the Archives into the ‘What’s New’ Page
  • Added the My Motto’ Page
  • Added the ‘Temporary Links’ Page
  • Added the ‘Contact Me’ Page
  • Added an Image to my ‘Contact Me’ Page
  • Added the ‘About Me’ Page
  • Added an Image to my ‘About Me’ Page

Website Updates – Aug. 2014

August 31st 2014

  • Added the Index Page / Home Page
  • Played with Website Layouts. (Poor Selection)
  • Made ‘Chamberlin Services’ Banner
  • Made a Unique Navigation Bar
  • Added the ‘What’s New’ Page
  • Added the ‘Special Offers’ Page
  • Added the ‘Feedback’ Page
  • I Unpublished Site. Under Coding / Scripting Construction!

My Motto ‘Pearl’

Motto - Pearl Logo
Motto – Pearl Logo

Why is the motto ‘Pearl’ so Important to my Book?

I wanted to create a word to describe ‘Great Customer Service’, ‘Professionalism’. I wanted a word that ‘Loops Itself’ for both myself and the customer. At first, it sounded too easy, so I thought. I gave it some thought and came across the word ‘Pearl’; I paused and the first thing that entered my head was that a pearl was like a form of art. I did some research about how pearls were made. I came to a conclusion that it was perfect for both my book and photography.

 I truly believe that a pearl will change my life and the customers life forever.

Pearl (Broken Down)

P – Presentation, Is there any flaws or do I need to redo something? Would I read my own books in my case?
E – Educated, Am I educated enough to answer my own questions or of the customers, if one arises?
A – Appearance, How do I look when I approach someone. Am I dressed based on the situation?
R – Ready, Am I Ready to plant my ‘PEA’ to the world.
L – Listen, Biggest part of Communication is to Listen, ‘Listen to the Customer’. Hence the word ‘EAR’ in PEARL.

‘LOOP’ Words

PEA Can I plant it, improve it, make it better?
PEAR – Can I produce it or show it?
EAR – Did I truly listen to the customer?
EARL – Could be a customer’s name, be creative?

  • Quick Fact: In the Bible verse (Revelations 21: 21)

Even Pearls were mentioned to describe Heaven. Cool!

“And the twelve gates are twelve pearls, each of the gates is a single pearl, and the street of the city is pure gold, transparent as glass.”

Feel free to use this motto I created. Please give me credit by referencing my name.

Thanks! Tyler Chamberlin